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    2022-2023 season

    Auditions are on September 10th-September 11th. If you are unable to make either date, you will need to arrange a time on Wednesday, Sept 7 with JoAnn Hosch – Arlingtonct@gmail.com

    All members will be auditioning this year. We will be using the 2022 Iowa All State Audition Etudes with these cuts:

    Flute: Selected Studies for Flute by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank:

    1. 23 – Play it as written, end on the G after the double bar of 2nd to last line
    2. 51 – End on 5th line, 3rd measure downbeat (A#)

    Oboe: Selected Studies for Oboe by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank:

    1. 18 – First 8 lines
    2. 55 –  End on 1st measure of 4th line

    Clarinet Bb: Selected Studies for Clarinet by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank:

    1. 14 – Play until the downbeat of 5th line, 2nd measure (quarter note F)
    2. 35 – Play through 6th line, 2nd measure (end of quarter note E)

    Low Clarinet (Bass and Contra): Advanced Studies from the Works of J. Weissenborn: arr. Rhoads, Pub. by Southern,

     #7 (p. 5) – No Repeats or D.C

     #20 (p. 15) – Play as written

     #24 (p. 18) – Do not need to prepare

    Bassoon: Method for Bassoon by J. Weissenborn/50 Studies section in back of book (Catalog # CU96).

     #2 (p. 115) – All of it, don’t take repeats

     #23 (pp. 130-131) – Play until Fine (3rd line of 2nd page)

    Saxophone: Selected Studies for Saxophone by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank,

    1. 19 – Play until downbeat of 6th line (dotted-quarter F#)
    2. 38 – Play through the 1st measure of the 7th line (end at quarter note F)

    Trumpet: Selected Studies for Trumpet by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, 

    1. 12 – Play until fermata in 7th line
    2. 19 – Play to downbeat of 6th line, 3rd measure (16th note G)

    French Horn: Preparatory Melodies to Solo Work by Pottag: Pub. By Belwin,

     #14 (p. 6) –  All of it

     #54 (p. 22) – Play until Fermata in last measure (don’t take D.S)

     #74 (p. 29) –  All of it

    Trombone & Euphonium: Selected Studies for Trombone by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, 

    1. 30 – Play first four lines (end in last measure of 4th line when the first theme returns)
    2. 37 –  Play to fermata in 6th line

    Bass Trombone: (New book in 2016) – 50 Etudes for Bass Trombone and Tenor Trombone with F Attachment by Grigoriev, ed. & arr. by Randall Hawes: Pub. by Encore,

     #31 (p. 30) – Play to fermata at the end of the 5th line

     #41 (p. 39) – First 6 lines, end at the fermata

    Tuba: 70 Studies for BB Flat Tuba by Blazhevich, Vol. No. 1: Pub. By Robert King,

     #16 (p. 15) – Play through the first measure of the 5th line (before the first theme returns)

     #28 (p. 27) – Play until 5th line, 4th measure half-note C


    • Snare Drum: “Portraits in Rhythm” (Anthony J. Cirone, Belwin Mills Publishing); Etude #12, page 14. Play from beginning to the end of the 4th measure of the seventh line. (Stop after quarter rest on beat 2.)
    • Timpani: “The Solo Timpanist” (Vic Firth, Carl Fischer, publisher); Etude #1, page 4. Play from the beginning to the end of the ninth line. (Stop after the fermata in the last measure of the line.)
    • Mallets: “Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone” (Morris Goldenberg, Chappell & Co., publisher); Etude XV (#15), page 73. Play from the beginning to the seventh line, first measure. Stop on beat 3 of that measure (on Ab dotted-quarter note roll).
    • NO tambourine/crash cymbal etudes for the audition. NO separate solo of choice in addition to what is specified above.