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    2023-2024 season

    Auditions are on September 9th beginning at 2:30 PM.  Please contact QCWE Chair John Korn at johnkorn56@gmail.com or 563-370-6000 to schedule your audition.

    The current schedule for auditions is as follows:

    2:30   open
    2:40   Jim Hathaway (tuba)
    2:50   Lauren Schroeder (oboe / english horn)
    3:00   Jennifer Heacock-Renaud (clarinet)
    3:10   open
    3:20   Barb Lester (trumpet)
    3:30   Lindsey Hart (clarinet)
    3:40   Michael Rockstroh (euphonium and tuba)
    3:50   Lucas Larson (euphonium)
    4:00   David Lomotey (euphonium)
    4:10   Sean Talbot (clarinet)
    4:20   Violet Talbot (clarinet)
    4:30   open

    Only new members will be auditioning this year. We will be using the 2023 Etudes as listed below


    Flute: Selected Studies for Flute by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, p. 7 and p. 30-31 (Allegretto)

    Oboe: Selected Studies for Oboe by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, p. 13 and p. 53

    Clarinet Bb: Selected Studies for Clarinet by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, p. 17 and p. 34

    Bass Clarinet:  Advanced Studies from the Works of J. Weissenborn: arr. Rhoads, Pub. by Southern, #4 (p. 2); #13 (p. 9); and #28 (p. 21)

    Bassoon: Method for Bassoon by J. Weissenborn/50 Studies section in the back of book (Catalogue # CU96). #6 (p. 117) and #39 (pp. 144-145)

    Saxophone: Selected Studies for Saxophone by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, p. 12 and p. 44

    Trumpet: Selected Studies for Trumpet by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, p. 13 and p. 42 (Trumpet players selected for the All-State Orchestra are expected to perform on a trumpet, not a cornet.)

    French Horn: Preparatory Melodies to Solo Work by Pottag: Pub. By Belwin, #32 (p. 12), #62 (p. 25), and #80 (p. 32)

    Trombone & Euphonium: Selected Studies for Trombone by Voxman: Pub. By Rubank, p. 19 and p. 45.

    Bass Trombone: 50 Etudes for Bass Trombone and Tenor Trombone with F Attachment by Grigoriev, ed. & arr. by Randall Hawes: Pub. by Encore, #20 (p. 21) and #28 (p. 27) NOTE: In order to audition for this position, players must use an instrument with the minimum equipment of an “F” attachment and a .525 or larger bore size. Equipment not meeting this standard is not acceptable and the student will not be allowed to audition!

    Tuba: 70 Studies for BB Flat Tuba by Blazhevich, Vol. No. 1: Pub. By Robert King, #8 (p. 7) and #26 (p. 25). (If selected for participation, All-State Tuba Players are expected to use/borrow an upright tuba as opposed to a bell-front tuba or sousaphone.)


    • Snare Drum: “Portraits in Rhythm” (Anthony J. Cirone, Belwin Mills Publishing); Etude #12, page 14. Play from beginning to the end of the 4th measure of the seventh line. (Stop after quarter rest on beat 2.)
    • Timpani: “The Solo Timpanist” (Vic Firth, Carl Fischer, publisher); Etude #1, page 4. Play from the beginning to the end of the ninth line. (Stop after the fermata in the last measure of the line.)
    • Mallets: “Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone” (Morris Goldenberg, Chappell & Co., publisher); Etude XV (#15), page 73. Play from the beginning to the seventh line, first measure. Stop on beat 3 of that measure (on Ab dotted-quarter note roll).
    • NO tambourine/crash cymbal etudes for the audition. NO separate solo of choice in addition to what is specified above.

    Note:  No cuts have been indicated for etudes this year.