Host Families Needed

The Luther College Symphony Orchestra will be performing at Davenport North High School Auditorium on Wednesday, January 30th at 7:30pm.  However, they are still in need of host families to house the orchestra students.

If you would be available to host students in your home on Wednesday, January 30, and return them to North High School at 8:00am on Thursday, January 31 after feeding them a breakfast, please contact Sarah Miller, Assistant Coordinator for Music Organizations and Marketing for Luther College.  Please list your address, phone number and how many students you are able to house.   If you have any questions, or need additional information, Sarah’s contact information is (563) 387-1737 or

Concert Information:
Wednesday, January 30 / 7:30pm
Davenport North High School Auditorium
626 West 53rd Street
Davenport, Iowa
Freewill Offering